Our team

We are passionate developers. Always striving to simplify increasingly complex interrelationships in resource management with digital applications so that anyone can use them safely and without prior knowledge.

Our team at PVS

f.l.t.r. Hari Karunarathnam, Daniel Schoepke, Ronny Fischer

why does the world need pvs

The classic management of operating resources, products, functions or services not only takes a lot of time, but in most cases also causes high costs. To avoid this, it is important to accelerate these relevant business processes. With the digital software from PVS, this is now possible. This not only makes it easier for them to organise and document, but in particular also to manage operating resources or products.

this is how we work

The history of PVS

We have history

PVS went live in 2016 and has been a locally separate corporate startup of Brugg Lifting AG since 2021. We combine economic security with unlimited creativity and are now responsible for the management of over 180,000 assets.


We are not only a team

We are a team of innovative start-up enthusiasts, technology specialists and pioneers in the field of asset and maintenance cycle management, fascinated by creating the impossible.

We love what we do

We love what we do

We love tackling challenging problems and finding creative solutions. We believe that our passion for every project we work on leads to exceptional results.

Further development

We continue to develop every day

Constant flexibility is the key to our business. We rely on our experience, but we are not limited to it. Every problem we solve moves us forward and so we are always developing new solutions.

Exchange with experts

We want to work with the best

We can only achieve the impossible by intensively exchanging ideas with the best in the world, involving them and working together with them on an equal footing, transparently and, depending on the situation, in a new composition.

High speed

We test and learn quickly

When it comes to "impossible", setbacks are inevitable. Our success is based on the fact that we test quickly, learn from mistakes and continue to search tirelessly.

Our toolbox

our toolbox

Agile / Scrum

Framework for complex and complicated challenges

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Agile approach


Framework for simple challenges

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Iterative work systems


Principles for assessing a situation at the place where it happens

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Gemba principles

Design Thinking

Framework for experiencing and redefining the customer experience

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Design Thinking

Cynefin Framework

Solution concept for classifying the challenges

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Cynefin Framework

Lean management

Concepts for avoiding waste

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Flow efficiency

Flow efficiency
(ToC, OPF)

Concepts to shorten lead times and increase flexibility

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Flow efficiency

MVP (Minimum Valuable Product)

Minimum possible prototype for collecting initial findings

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Flow efficiency

DevOps concept

Agile and automated software development and operation.

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Flow efficiency

Our interdisciplinary knowledge network

Together with our network partners, we can access specialised knowledge and resources at any time or as needed. Cooperation at eye level takes place without dependencies and massively increases the quality and speed of development.

Interdisciplinary knowledge network of PVS

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