Easy inventory with PVS warehouse management software

With PVS warehouse management software, you can keep track of your entire inventory thanks to our system-independent inventory app.

"Your inventory in your pocket - with the PVS digital pocket knife".

Most important functions of the warehouse management software at a glance

Chaotic warehousing was yesterday! With the inventory management system from PVS you can control your stock, create an inventory list or create an inventory. With the inventory app, inventory maintenance is child's play. PVS is particularly versatile and flexible. In addition, you can create inventory labels, as well as define and use other new properties.

Inventory list

Digital inventory list

Do you or your employees also keep misplacing the inventory list? Then the PVS App is exactly what you need! With the PVS app as an inventory assistant, you always have your inventory in your pocket.

Inventory documentation

Documentation of your devices

Inventory is now simplified with a product database. Instructions and documentation of your devices are stored in it. Thanks to PVS, all this is in one central place and easy to find.

Inventory identification

Identification of your inventory

Chaotic inventory management was yesterday! PVS allows you to quickly identify your inventory using various technologies: NFC chip, bar code and QR code. Whether on the computer or very easily on the smartphone.

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

Extend your digital inventory with a GPS module for tracking selected devices. This gives you an overview of the location of your inventory at any time.

Try our warehouse management software now 30 days free of charge

You still have doubts about the warehouse management software at this point? Then our 30-day trial offer is just right for you. With the free trial period, you can find out for yourself whether the PVS app is really right for you.

Why you too should use the PVS app as an inventory assistant

Warehouse management app

Multiple users & rights management

With the PVS Warehouse Management app, several users can work in parallel. This not only saves time, but with the PVS rights management you can also set who should have which specific rights.

Inventory App

System independent & mobile app

You can use the inventory app system-independently. Manage your inventory not only on the computer, but also on the tablet or simply with the mobile app. This gives you full flexibility - whether in the office, in the workshop or on the road.


Multilingualism (DE / EN / FR / IT)

If you work with colleagues of different native languages, you can currently use 4 languages. This way you don't have to agree on a "common language" in the company and offer your employees more freedom.



Inventory made beautiful. You can help design the inventory structure and set up the user interface yourself. You can flexibly define the properties of your inventory and adjust them to your needs.

Inventory management

Your digital Swiss Army Knife

High quality and clean software are particularly important to PVS. The inventory management works smoothly, like a digital Swiss Army knife. When you choose PVS, you benefit from high Swiss quality.


Software for a concrete problem

PVS is more than just a spontaneous idea. The software was born out of the need, because no good software existed for the management of operating resources. With PVS you have the right solution, even for writing inventory lists.

The PVS App can therefore be much more than just a "simple" maintenance software. It has a high quality and is very flexible and versatile.

PVS is more than just digital warehouse management

Confusing inventory lists are outdated thanks to the PVS app. Now you can find your inventory list on your tablet, computer or cell phone. Paperwork is something for students, but not for entrepreneurs like you. You can use the digital inventory management of PVS. Not only will you save time, but you'll also save resources like paper and do something good for the environment. Switch to the digital version of inventory management and come to PVS.

Lending and return

Lending and return of your inventory

In addition to the benefits already listed above, you can now also borrow your inventory. And so that you don't lose track of the borrowed stock, you can always see directly whether an item has already been borrowed.

Testing and maintenance

Testing and maintenance of electrical equipment

Planning and organization are less your strengths? But your responsible personnel is on sick leave? With PVS, you can plan tests and create and file test reports digitally. So you always have a clear overview

Appointments and customer management

Appointments and customer management

In addition to the inventory, you can also manage your customers and appointments. This avoids time-related double bookings and reduces organizational errors. This way you can take care of your customers more intensively and build up a higher level of loyalty.

Inventory management in almost any industry

Are you worried that PVS Inventory Management is not suitable for your industry? Don't worry. Our app can be used almost anywhere, regardless of industry or inventory type.

Manage inventory

Informatics: Manage hardware inventory

If you are the CEO of an IT company or you manage a store that repairs computers, you can assign the devices to the customers or create repair protocols. You can also manage your hardware inventory. All thanks to PVS.


Construction company: Construction machinery inventory

As a contractor, you can track your construction equipment, store instructions, monitor equipment rentals and returns. In addition, PVS allows you to inventory your tools, vehicles and construction equipment. PVS, an inventory management app for everyone!

Warehouse Management System

Retail trade: warehouse management system for all products

You are active in the product trade? With PVS you can manage your food and products. We know that retailers often have large quantities in their warehouses. With the PVS warehouse management system, they always keep an overview.

Inventory fire department

Fire department: equipment inventory list

As a unit leader, you can keep track of all firefighting equipment such as compressed air cylinders, breathing apparatus and vehicles by using an inventory list with PVS. With the inventory management software from PVS you always have an overview, even when things get stressful.

Inventory helper photo studio

Video & photo studio: inventory assistant for the equipment

In a photo or video studio, it's important to keep track of your equipment. As a photographer, you need to know which cameras can be used and which need to be loaded. With PVS you know exactly where which camera is used.

Warehouse Management Software

Healthcare: Warehouse management software for your practice

With the inventory management software from PVS, you have an overview of the inventory of syringes, corona tests or masks in your practice at all times, despite the daily hustle and bustle. In addition, devices such as analyzers, ultrasound systems and ECG devices can be quickly identified with an NFC tag and the PVS app and tracked using the GPS module.

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